Elkford Deer Slaughter
Details of deer killing in Elkford.

Update 2014-01-24: Killing has stopped again!

Killing has halted in Elkford again, please check back for more info as we gather it.

Update 2014-01-20: Elkford chooses to slaughter deer!

BCDPS has learned that the killing will resume this week despite efforts to urge the district of Elkford not to proceed and despite efforts to have the ministry completely revoke the permit. BCDPS will continue to expose every detail of this cull on this site.

Update 2014-01-14: Protest!

Special notice - District of Elkford residents will be demonstrating in front of the Elkford district office, 816 Michel Rd at 5:30pm mountain time. Everyone is welcome. Please come out and show your support for our deer.

Update 2014-01-08: Huge News!

Elkford deer killings have been temporarily suspended due to permit violations. Ministry staff are investigating. 10 deer have lost their lives in this cull, leaving orphans and broken families. Meanwhile BCDPS is urging ministry staff to completely revoke Elkford's permit and permanently bar CP trapping from bidding any more cull contracts

On January 6th 2014 Elkford BC became the 4th BC municipality to slaughter deer with the unscientific, unethical, unsupported practice by using the clover trap and bolt gun method. Not one day into the cull and the contractor hired to kill these animals, Carmen Purdy along with his company CP trapping have violated the permits conditions set out by the Ministry Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO), to view Elkford permit[click here]. The permit stipulates no trapping during daylight. Carmen deliberately ignored these strict rules and killed deer in broad daylight. Three residents including an 8 year old child who loves the wildlife in his town watched with horror as a deer which was just bolted in the skull being dragged from the trap and into the back of their 93 style Chevy pickup truck, BC licence plate 7741 DR.

BCDPS is dedicated to exposing this cull for the purposes of getting these culls stopped. We can't allow these deer to be slaughtered in our back yards by bullies who are only in it for the money they will make. Residents have already been traumatized on the first day of this cull. Elkford can no longer claim that this is a town where tourists can "get intimate with nature" or that"Elkford remains a place where nature prevails - and humanity borrows a bit of space."

Here we will update the trap locations as well as key information we have obtained. We feel adamant that everyone should have this information. Locations and key contacts will be updated daily.

Call the Mayor of Elkford at 250-865-4000 to voice your disgust.

Call the chair of the deer committee/fire chief at 250-865-4020, cell 250-910-4022. He is directing this operation and using the Elkford fire hall as a place to bleed out and butcher deer.

Call Minister Steve Thomson at 250-712-3620 to urge that Elkford's violated permit be stripped, or email him at steve.thomson.mla@leg.bc.ca

Call John Kreb, the issuer of the killing permit at 250-489-8547 to ask him how Elkford was able to obtain a permit without following the Ministry's own guidelines and regulations and to urge him to strip Elkford of their permit.


Alpine way trap.

Located on a trail in which children use to walk to school. The trial is baited with fruit and deer attractants to lure them to the trap.


Duncan McDonald trap 8 Delta Cres.

Notice the deer caught inside the trap photo taken Jan 6th. This deer entered the trap in broad daylight.


Bruce and Denice White 61 Cariboo Drive

Location of a brutal killing that involved a horrified 8 yr old boy watching.

This location seems to have been used for training and assembling of the traps. As of Jan 7th they have vanished.