Kimberley Deer Slaughter
Details of deer killing in Kimberley.

Update 2014-03-03: Kimberley slaughter has ended.

The Kimberley cull has ended 15 days ahead of the permit expiration. Although the city set a goal of 30 deer, 11 lost their lives. We await a report detailing the gender, ages and species of deer that were destroyed. The cull ended after 4 of the 5 clover traps were damaged, with Mayor McRae quoted: "We can't do an effective cull without sufficient traps. In effect the cull is done. The permit will run out and we will not seek an extension." Read More

Update 2014-02-26: Kimberley cull resumes.

Eye witness reported a clover trap to BCDPS and city officials confirm. We will update trap locations and any info as we gather it. Call 250 341 7312 to report a trap or anything pertaining to the cull.

Update 2014-02-12: Traps Apparently Sabotaged.

It appears some of the traps that the ministry has to carry out the cull were stolen or burnt. This latest news may delay or prevent the cull from starting. Here is a link to the story 10 deer traps stolen.

Update 2014-02-11: Valentine Day Slaughter!

Kimberley plans to start killing deer on Valentine's day this year. Helen Schwantje, a veterinarian from Victoria will be flown in this week to train Wade Jarvis, the contractor recently chosen, on how to bolt deer in the head and kill them. Please read our flyers for more information (right click on the individual flyer and "Save As" to download):

If you live in Kimberley please print our "Trap Free Property Sign and proudly display it in your window (right click and "Save As" to download):

What will they kill? Everything that enters a trap! NO MERCY! A doe with a fawn that needs her mother to survive, a fawn that wondered in while her family was foraging for food, or a hungry buck with big antlers. All does that are killed this time of year are pregnant and their living fetus' will be also killed at the time of butchering.

In 2012, 90% of the deer killed were from Blarchmount and Marysville. Interestingly in 2014 these areas are their only focus "when they looked at counts and complaints in the Blarchmont, Chapman Camp area, they grouped together, whereas in Marysville there weren't as many complaints but more deer were counted".

See article Kimberley votes for new deer cull.

Kimberley has decided to slaughter deer starting at the beginning of February: Kimberley deer cull begins February 1.

BCDPS is dedicated to exposing every aspect of every cull in BC. Kimberley trapped 101 deer in 2012 and now want to kill another 30. This only proves that killing doesn't work and needs to be repeated year after year.

Any and all information pertaining to the cull will be published and documented on this page including any and all known trap locations, any reports, incidents, and violations. Check daily for updates!

The cull is scheduled to start Saturday Feb 1st and will be carried out by a new contractor, Wade Jarvis.

Please call the Mayor of Kimberley, Ron McRae at 250 427 9662 (cell: 250 427 6600) to ask why he needs to add to the death toll of the city that holds the deer killing record in BC!

Call the Chair of the Deer Committee, Gary Glinz at 250 427 2625. Gary has publicly stated that the decision to cull is not based on science but opinion

Call Minister Steve Thomson at 250-712-3620 to urge that BC communities stop using deer culls to manage deer populations. Email him

Call the issuer of the killing permit, John Kreb at 250-489-8547 to ask him how Kimberley was able to obtain a permit without following the Ministry's own guidelines and regulations, and ask him why he allowed a permit to be issued without any scientific studies prior to issuing their permit.