Invermere aims to kill deer annually!

Invermere BC: Stop Deer Slaughter Petition

The District of Invermere in SE British Columbia started their cruel war on deer in 2011.  They managed to slaughter only 19 of the 100 deer they planned to kill because of community protest and legal action.  The lawsuit was dismissed in Octoberbecause the arguments were deemed insufficient.

Just this month, the self-described vindictive mayor announced that Invermere will begin to kill 30 deer each and every year.   Although the lawsuit by the Invermere Deer Protection Society (IDPS) is under appeal, the mayor said this about the award of court costs…

“My personal opinion and dream is that we get to use the money to fund the next deer cull,” the mayor wrote on Facebook – and he’s not kidding either.  “One of our challenges is funding a future cull,” he told the Valley Echo.  “It is perhaps a bit vindictive, but it would be nice in some ways to use the money from the IDPS.“  Mayor Gerry Taft,  The Invermere Valley Echo, February 5, 2014

And this about punishing people who value wildlife…

"No amount of education pamphlets, finger pointing or scolding has the same impact as knowing that by feeding your favorite deer, you may be creating a problem deer and in doing so, helping it get killed." Mayor Gerry Taft, The Columbia Valley Pioneer, February 14, 2014

There is no deer problem in Invermere – just a people problem.  There are many non-lethal, compassionate solutions for addressing the minor wildlife conflict in our town.  

Invermere is a tourist-dependent community in the most beautiful natural setting.  We love our community and worry that people will not visit when they learn of this horrific slaughterplan.  Please send this letter or write your own thoughts to our council and tourism association to tell them of your love for wildlife and objection to this senseless killing.