Deer Demonstration at Cranbrook City Hall

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January 15, 2016

Deer Demonstration at Cranbrook City Hall

A demonstration/protest by Concerned Cranbrook Residents at Cranbrook City Hall will take place on Friday, January 22, 2016 at 12:00PM. The address is 40 10 Ave S, Cranbrook, BC

Recent footage released by the BC Deer Protection Society (attached) has angered Cranbrook citizens.  The pitiful sight of a fawn caught in a trap, pushed to the ground by two men and bolted in the head, not once, but twice, has upset many residents.  Some that have expressed their distress have said that they were initially for the cull, but have changed their minds now that they have seen the suffering of the deer.

The date-stamped video proves that the City of Cranbrook has conducted a clover trap/bolt gun cull in secret for the second time, with the kill occurring on January 5, 2016.  In February 2014 the city attempted a secret cull but was discovered by the BC Deer Protection Society and was exposed before it could finish.  This prompted a public apology by then-councilor Gerry Warner. 

Feel free to design your own sign or poster. Even if you think you won’t use one, you might change your mind once you’re around like minded people. Bring anything else you feel will get your message across.

Below are two photos of fawns being compressed and trapped in a deer trap for several hours.


Concerned Cranbrook and Area Residents